Rzymskokatolicka Parafia
pod wezwaniem św. Zygmunta
05-507 Słomczyn
ul. Wiślana 85
dekanat konstanciński
m. i gm. Konstancin-Jeziorna
powiat Piaseczno

św. ZYGMUNT: kościół św. Zygmunta, Słomczyn; źródło: zbiory własneśw. ZYGMUNT: XIX w., feretron, kościół św. Zygmunta, Słomczyn; źródło: zbiory własne




JOHN HENRY NEWMAN and the ENGLISH MARTYRS: Mary's Dowry Productions; źródło:

A list of individuals that died in England, Scotland and Wales, „in odio fidei” - for Catholic faith - during English Reformation is hereby presented. The list does not include individauls that died for the same cause in Ireland.

An attempt has been made to include those known by at least one name, who have died for their convinctions, and whose particulars have been preserved throughout centuries in sources available on the net. The authors bear the sole responsibility for the selections made…

As it has been mentioned the list containes only those individuals whose names appear at least once (and in most case in more than one) in the quoted sources. It does not include those that died in military campaigns even in case where they thought under a banner of a nominally Catholic site. It does not also include those cases that suffered even long imprisonment for their faith but died free, either at home soil or abroad, and those who were known to linger in prison but their ultimate fate remains (to the authors) unknown.

It seems very difficult to even estimate the number of Catholic martyr durign the reigns of Henry VIII (1491, Greenwich - 1547, London), Edward VI (1537, Hampton Court - 1553, Greenwich), Elisabeth I (1533, Greenwich - 1603, Richmond), James I (1566, Edinburgh - 1625, Theobalds House), Charles I (1600, Dunfermline - 1649, London), Oliver Cromwell (1599, Huntingdon - 1658, London), Charles II (1630, London - 1685, London), James II (1633, London - 1701, Saint-Germain-en-Laye), and later. Some authors talk about „tens of thousands”, especially during Henry VIII parting with Rome. This list is a testimonial to those unnamed who have died so we can still believe in what our forefathers passed to us throughtout two milleniums.

The protestant martyrs are not included. We are aware of their sufferings and we pray for their souls…

Bl. John Henry card. Newman has posed a question (please click on the picture to see a short film about English martyrs): „Can we suppose that the blood of our Martyrs three centuries ago and since shall never receive its recompense? Those priests, secular and regular, did they suffer for no end? Or rather, for an end which is not yet accomplished? The long barbarous sentence, the savage execution, the rack, the gibbet, the knife, the cauldron, O my God, are they to have no reward? And in that day of trial and desolation for England when hearts were pierced through and through with Mary’s woe at the Crucifixion of Thy Body Mystical was not every tear that flowed and every drop of blood that was shed the seeds of a future harvest when they who sowed in sorrow were to reap in joy?” This work is a humble attempt at a reply…

The project is an on-going research and will be updated when new facts are discovered.

The authors bear a sole responsiblity for all errors and/or ommissions.

The work has been carried in gratitude to citizens of United Kingdom who at certain point in time in the past have kindly and without reservations help some of the authors in their dire needs…